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Astronautical Engineering encompasses the dynamic and cutting-edge fields of advanced science and space technology. Space is increasingly important for our economy and national security as well as exploration. The United States depends on space assets more than any other nation on earth, and we lead the world in exploration and utilization of space. Space engineers design and build rockets and missiles, space launchers, communications and direct broadcasting satellites, space navigational systems, remote sensing and reconnaissance satellites, space vehicles for human spaceflight, and planetary probes. They operate complex earth-orbiting space systems and rovers on Mars from sophisticated ground control centers. There is no better academic major than Astronautical Engineering in which to obtain the education and to acquire the skills needed for space engineers.

Focused, intellectually fit, and blending the science and engineering fundamentals with specialized astronautics knowledge, Astronautical Engineering graduates are well prepared to join the space industry and government space research and development centers.

Ad Astra!
Mike Gruntman, Chairman

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